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i might mispell a word without me knowing it, spellcheck would help!

Jane , 22.05.2012, 00:37
Idea status: completed


janey, 23.05.2012, 21:03
I so totally agree with you! seriously, my project that i'm doing is full of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. I get very ---- fed up!!!
JanKlostermann, 17.12.2012, 12:46
But you would need a language management (at least the capability of selecting a main pad language).
markfisher, 17.12.2012, 21:56
This is something we are looking into. We have looked at a bunch of different spell checkers and making one work with Etherpad is difficult, it could take some time to get this implemented.

markfisher, 03.06.2013, 23:17
Inbuilt browser spellcheck has now been enabled on all pads.

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