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changing the font highlight is not working

While I can click and change my color it does not save. We have 7 people collaborating and the site has given two of us the same color and will not allow us to change it which is causing great confusion. Please fix.

Jessica , 04.01.2012, 17:59
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 28.05.2012
Please provide the URL of your pad. Thanks.

Update: This is now resolved. Please clear your browser cache (Control F5 or Control R) and retry.

Idea status: completed


Me123, 28.05.2012, 17:55
Same for all of our classroom...
johnyma22, 28.05.2012, 18:07
Please provide the URL of your pad. Thanks
Me123, 28.05.2012, 19:31
johnyma22, 28.05.2012, 21:01
It's working fine for me in Google Chrome and Internet explorer 9 but broken in IE7 and 8.
johnyma22, 28.05.2012, 21:26
I am in the process of trying to upgrade PrimaryPad to the latest version but having some problems so I will leave this for today.

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