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Export to Plain Text and keep line breaks

When exporting to Plain Text it removes line breaks. It would be better if it kept them

Josh , 26.10.2011, 14:27
Idea status: completed


JanKlostermann, 17.12.2012, 13:05
Export to other file formats or copying to other pads looses all formatting. That is a big disadvantage and makes the feature useless!!!
The only workaround in the moment is copy-paste the pad-content in the desired word processor, then at least the formatting survives.
Copy-Paste from pad to Word2010 and then from Word2010 to pad even allows transfer of content including formatting from one pad to another.
-> But this cannot be the solution, or what do you think?
JanKlostermann, 17.12.2012, 19:01
Unfortunately with the Copy-Paste the heading structure information does not survive - it is not translated into Word headings, just a similar look (formatting) is achieved.
I really love to structure my documents through headings of various levels and with Word you can then jump to a certain sub-chapter via the navigation bar which serves as a dynamic table of content as well. That is really cool. If an export or copy-paste could generate me such a document, that would be great.
JanKlostermann, 17.12.2012, 19:04
The icing on the cake would be such a navigation bar already in primary pad! Especially for larger documents that is a real time saver!
markfisher, 17.12.2012, 22:39

When you export a pad to plain text the line break do exist, they are encoded using UTF8. If you open the txt file with any text processor. I know that notepad will not read the line breaks due to the encoding.

As for exporting documents, only the heading formatting appears to be lost when exporting to word, this is because the heading plugin is not supported by standard. I will look into this problem.

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