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Be able to access the primarypad with my iphone and contribute to discussions in there

Jill Hammonds , 10.10.2011, 01:35
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 26.10.2011
This is possible in iOS5, enjoy! :)
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 10.10.2011, 11:45
Apple device support will be in available in iOS5. Apple disabled support for Etherpad in iOS so you will need to upgrade. Apologies.
Rachelle, 31.05.2013, 01:26
I am trying to use this with my children on iPads and we are having significant difficulties. At random times the keyboard will not pop up to type on the pad, we cannot select text already on the page in order to delete it in a chunk or edit it to bold/strike through etc.
dub, 07.06.2013, 08:14
Having serious issues on iPhone, too:
- The cursor doesn't stay on the writing position (jumps a few lines higher).
- While loading a Pad some buttons of the menu bar (the right ones on my pc) apear at the bottom of the page. But when the site is fully loaded this buttons disapear and and the Pad becomes an endless scroll-down page.
- Can't find the Chat

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